Our Sourcing Services

Cander Trade . is proud to introduce its sourcing services to American businesses.

What is sourcing and why it matters to my business?

Cander Trade . specializes in obtaining manufactured goods and services from overseas markets and providing its customers with a hassle free experience with at an affordable rate. Cander Trade . obtains these items and services directly through its wide network of manufacturing and service subsidiaries.

Cander Trade . has access to a wide range of industries and development sectors at the fraction of the cost. In order to make a business profitable there is a constant need to maximize profits while reducing operating, manufacturing and development costs; Cander Trade  offers the possibility to its customers to achieve just that.

What are the benefits of sourcing with Cander Trade .?

We take care of all the logistics to get what your business needs locally without the possible problems associated when making business with a company overseas. Cander Trade . handles the development, packaging and shipping to get the goods at your business doorstep.

Everything is done within your business geographical and legal reach. 
Cander Trade . has no hidden fees, and allows its customers to skip all the steps required to get consumer goods or services at reasonable prices to USA. 

How does sourcing with Cander Trade . work?

In order to maximize profit, a company needs to reduce its operating costs as much as possible while saving time and maximizing productivity .Cander Trade can help you achieve that goal: let's say your company wants to sell or develop outdoor sporting equipment for retail and wholesale. The local costs and time-frame required to produce, package and ship these items locally would be prohibitive for your organization in order to get the product out in a reasonable time that would allow a steady income. Dealing with overseas markets may offer just what you need at a fraction of the time and cost, saving up to 80% compared to getting local service but it is logistically complex.

Your company may however be reluctant to proceed with doing business with overseas markets for some of the following reasons:

  • Dealing with shipping, customs and the associated paperwork,
  • Dealing with the language barrier and getting the manufacturer or service provider to fully understand your needs,
  • Finding a trustworthy partner in the targeted market,
  • Finding good quality products, manufacturing and services

By dealing with Cander Trade  you work with a American company in USA. We have established a wide network of trusted markets in many industries allowing us to provide our customers with the least possible hassle while reducing cost and time and thus maximizing profits. Your company doesn't have to worry about any of the inner processes required to get the product to market. Your company can get the required outdoor sporting equipment for a 50% to 80% reduced cost in a short time without any of the drawbacks of dealing with overseas markets.

With Cander Trade  your company only needs to put an order through with your specifications and the only necessary step in the process is getting your product at your doorstep. Cander Trade handles the production, packaging, shipping, warranty and delivery, so your company doesn't have to.

Absolutely FREE

Cander Trade's core business is providing customized strategic

sourcing and spend management consulting solutions which are available on a low-risk, innovative, pay-for-performance basis.

Since 2010, Cander Trade  has sourced millions of dollars worth of spend in several hundred product and service categories. Through collaboration with our clients and their suppliers, our customers average 40-60 % saving across all commodities and spend categories.

With Cander Trade it takes one step and you’re good to go. 
To accomplish effective one-stop shopping, we offer the following services

  • Engineering and Quality Control
  • Purchasing & Timeline Management
  • Factory Selection
  • Packaging
  • Freight Forwarding

Over 22 years of experience manufacturing overseas has made Cander Trade  the premier American based Product Development & sourcing company. Our goal is to help you source your products to improve quality, control timelines and shorten product development cycles

Design in USA.  Manufacture Overseas.

Let us use our experience and knowledge in international sourcing to help you grow your business. We know sourcing overseas can be a daunting and intimidating task, which is why our team is here to help you every step of the way, managing the process from beginning to end.

Cander Trade is the complete package. On top of International sourcing our capabilities include: engineering, product development, packaging design, quality control, time line management, shipping and customs clearing. We are prepared to help wherever our expertise is needed.

Cander Trade takes full responsibility, as we manage the entire process. We take full accountability on quality and committed lead times on every order. If there ever is a problem, Cander Trade will fix it, on our dime!

With our strong local foundation and over 400 factories in our overseas network, we are sourcing and purchasing experts in almost all industries. To know if your product is right for overseas manufacturing please contact us.

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