Services & Applications


Our solutions are ideal for both workspaces and homes. LED bulbs offer versatile options to enhance the lighting of any space while saving energy and costs.


Our services range from specifying (specing) new installations and renovations, to retrofitting existing lights into energy-efficient lighting solutions applying the latest and most modern technology using LED (light emitting diodes).

For new construction and renovations, we contribute from the onset with assisting and consulting in architectural, lighting diagram and blueprints design.  We design energy-efficient electrical usage throughout the installation saving our clients thousands of dollars.  We install all the wiring, connections, outlets, and switches keeping energy-efficient usage as the centerpiece of our solutions.  Upon completion, we install all the lights with applications specific to that space or area.

In the case of retrofits, our lighting consultants will schedule a site survey at your location calculating usage and application.  We will then submit a proposal with costs, savings, time-frame and options for your review.  Upon approval, we will schedule an appointment to install all the lights retrofitting your existing lighting products.  You will realize the savings immediately on your next energy bill.




The largest energy consumers are commercial buildings, using over three-quarters of their energy in the form of electricity and natural gas.  The types of commercial buildings that consume the most energy are retail stores, offices, schools, health care facilities, hotels, warehouses, restaurants and grocery stores.  As a large portion of the operating costs, energy directly impacts Net Operating Income (NOI).  As the energy bill is lowered, the savings goes directly to the bottom line and enhances the cap rate (capitalization rate) – the primary determinant of the buildings net worth.  In short, save energy and increase the worth of your building.



In a typical Canadian household, lighting sources consume a lot of electricity – up to 25% of the energy cost.  You can achieve the lighting experience and ambiance you desire while saving money and electricity.  Whether you have recessed lighting, track lighting, chandeliers, or regular screw in bulbs, LED bulbs can create the spatial lighting of your desire.  LED lights can be configured in any color, angle, and best of all dimmable to save more energy.

Next time you’re out looking for light bulbs for your home or business, weigh your options and consider these factors that go into selection process: individual bulb price, lifespan, lumens (brightness), and wattage/electricity cost (how much electricity it takes to light the bulb).  Before you try to figure out which bulb you want to buy, consider your goals. Do you want to the longest-lasting bulb you can find? Do you want the most efficient bulb? Do you want to stop changing bulbs for 15 years? These days, the option is clear.

Contact us at SLS LED. to get a free, no obligations consultation visit from one of our experienced lighting experts.  It will change the way you look at lighting.