WarmFloor is a Canadian company specializing in supply of electric underfloor heating systems. We can provide the perfect solution to normally cold tile, slate, stone and wooden flooring surfaces.  Heating floors is what we do!

Our underfloor heating systems use a variety of methods to best suit your needs. Laminar elements, heating cables and cable mats are a proven, safe way to heat those beautiful but cold surfaces. Now you can have comfortable heating in any building without the inconvenience, costs and unsightly service requirements of conventional heating systems.  Underfloor heating also distributes heat evenly throughout a room which is a huge advantage over conventional radiator systems.

Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

There are many benefits of using underfloor heating as opposed to traditional heating methods.

Maintenance free – Extremely low maintenance makes underfloor heating an even more efficient way to heat any space.

Dry floors – Floors that are often wet (bathrooms, wet-rooms, kitchens etc.) dry more quickly.

Maximises space – heating without radiators gives you more space.

Health & Hygiene – Less dust in carpets and on radiators, rooms are easier to clean.

Aesthetics – because the heating is underfloor, there are no unsightly radiators.

Silence – Electrically heating floors don’t make any noise, unlike conventional heating systems.

Cost Effective – We generally expect savings of up to 30% compared to regular heating systems.


All Areas of a House Can Have Heated Floors

WarmFloor Company provides a service for every type of room and floor.  We can supply the perfect heating system. 


Conservatory underfloor heating could be exactly what you need to ensure that your conservatory is suitable for use throughout the year, and not only in summer.

With us, you’ll be able to purchase electrical underfloor heating kits that provide a more effective way of heating a conservatory than a traditional radiator. What’s more, DIY warmrfloor heating kits mean that self-installation is simple.

Ensuring that your conservatory is well-heated throughout the year

A conservatory can be a beautiful addition to a home and a wonderful place to spend warm summer nights. However, these rooms may languish unused in the winter due to low temperatures creating conditions that are simply too cold to bear.

With an Warmfloor heating system in place in your conservatory, you’ll be able to utilize this precious space year-round .

Our underfloor heating kits ensure that heat is well-distributed throughout a room and may also offer cost-savings compared to conventional heating methods. And, since each heating panel is stored under your floor, their invisibility means that they will not interfere with your existing decor or interior design scheme.

Contact us to discover how our underfloor heating system works and whether it will be compatible with your conservatory.

Kitchen heating – Tiles are easy to keep clean but can be uncomfortable if they are not warmed

Bathroom heating – Everyone hates a cold floor first thing in the morning

Driveway and ramp heating

Access ramps, drive, walk-ways, and stairs can become slippery and dangerous in times of snow & ice!

Throw away those shovels and winter worries.

Fit our automatic de-icing systems to ensure easy, safe winter use of that steep driveway or path.

Always on guard to make the home or business a safer, more accessible place. Use for vehicle access, wheel chair ramps and pathways.

 Data Sheet SX & HX Cable General Information

 Floor Warming Mat Data Sheet

All our floor/underground heating products are CSA UL certified.

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