Solar System Batteries /Lead Acid Battery for UPS (NG12-100Ah)

Solar System Batteries /Lead Acid Battery for UPS (NG12-100Ah)

  • $2,450.00

Product Description

Battery /Lead Acid Battery For UPS(NG12-100X)

Nominal Voltage: 12V
Number of Cell: 6
Capacity: 100Ah (100hr rate to 18.5V/cell)
Dimensions: 328*171*214mm
Total Height: 218mm
Weight Approx: 28.5kg
Terminal: T14
Design life 12 years

Features & Benefits:

1. Micro millimeter SiO2 and H2SO4 technology for efficient gas recombination of up to 99%, free from electrolyte maintenance or water add.
2. Not restricted for air transport-complies with IATA/ICAO Special Provision A67.
3. A recognized component of CE and UL
4. Computer designed lead, calcium tin alloy grid for high power density.
5. Long service life, float or cyclic applications.
6. Maintenance-free operation.
7. Low self discharge


Fire & security systems, Uninterrupted power supplies; Golf cart, Electric vehicle; Electric powered bicycle and wheelchairs; Marine equipment; Communication equipment; Power tools; Solar powered systems; Telecommunication systems; Urgent light systems; Measurement systems