Hydraulic Hose

CANDER TRADE LLC is a supplier of hydraulic products. Our products are hydraulic hose, hydraulic fitting and adapters, hose crimping machine and related hydraulic products. Refer to standard include JIC, SAE,DIN, BSP, JIS AND ISO. We can offer more than 300 series, and totally with more than 10,000 items like high pressure hose, hose fittings, hose assembly and adaptors. The main hydraulic fitting material is carbon steel. Alternative materials including free cutting steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum alloy and others are available upon request. And we can supply all kinds of forging parts make special by customer’s requirement. We always welcome your feedback. An open dialog enables us to find better solutions to meet your exact requirements. Please e-mail us (sales@candertrade.com) with your comments.

We will be adding more products soon, Stay Tuned !!!

Please Note our hydraulic hoses are not available to purchase on-line, please contact us to request a quote or to order HERE